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5 June
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I'm a professional writer, producer and graphic designer... currently trying to raise money for feature films that I'm producing and/or writing.
I grew up reading fan fiction for my favorite movies and television shows, and don't see a good reason to stop now.
I will continue as I always have which is not to read fan fiction for a currently in production show that I think I'll ever have a shot writing for.
To that extent, I come into reading fan fiction primarily for the crossovers - and I hope some day to employ some of the better writers I've read. For now it is just a struggle to keep things going for myself.

I originally joined up on live journal because I was tired of leaving unlogged in comments for people, and am finding some of the good fan-fic is either only posted here or posted here first. I honestly do not want to journal all of my deepest thoughts on every subject for folks to share. I will share some of my opinions and give feedback on topics that interest me.